won’t be using this blog anymore 

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Since when do you have a blog for snowboarders? I just checked you navi wtf why would you leave this blog?

since the sochi olympics lmfao and idk justin just kinda left and he was doing his own thing and then people kind of obsessed over snowboarders at the olympics (i mean have you seen them?) and i guess it started from there and just the fact that justin was away more and i kinda got into snowboarders bc they’re actually really amazing people and i guess i “stan” them if you can say idk really but i do still like justin but i feel like the way i don’t feel the same about him and i’ve kinda backed away from him during the past months and moved on with my life (lol not really) but i weirdly feel empty without him and i want to have him in my life but overall i still wanna make a new blog and leave this one bc it’s just a bunch of inactive followers and i’ve been inactive for a while and i just want to start fresh with a new blog that’ll be about justin and maybe i’ll get back into him like i used to be sorry this was long and this made me realize that i don’t know how to stop my sentences lol anyways that’s why

lowkey wanna make a new tumblr bc none of my followers on this one are active lmfao so i’ll work on that. it’ll probably mostly have justin and mAYBE some one direction but harry styles specifically *heart eyes emoji* so i guess message me if you want to know the url???? not that any of you care i guess lol

06/12/14  (+1)  

I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night, until you’re back again..